The Tax Bait and Switch is On

We know from often bitter experience that politicians on the make often stray from the truth, and everyone who has been paying the slightest lick of attention understands that the overwhelming majority of statements issuing from The Donald range, according to Politifact, range from sort of untrue to “Pants on Fire” lies.  Like most of us, however, Trumpistas aren’t particularly concerned with the finer points of truth as long as the Salesman tells them what they want to hear and throws out promises by the peck.

Taxes — how much we pay — are the bedrock for any Republican candidate, even those who pose as Outsiders.  The core belief is, as we all know, that if you cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans they will rush out to create jobs and hire even the unhireable.  The effects of their labor will seep through the entire economy and all will be well.  A huge chunk of the electorate believe this, notwithstanding the fact that this rosy scenario has never come to pass.  W passed enormous tax cuts and by the time he left office we were on the brink of another Great Depression, with an exploding deficit. Oops.

Enter Trump and the latest tax con.  Get out the trumpets, roll the drums!  The Middle Class will get tax relief, he says.  Well, sure, they will pocket some change from a 2% tax cut.  Not said:  Some 8 million families will wind up paying more.  If you are a single parent, or if you are married with three or more children, you will likely be handing over even more of your hard-earned money to the tax man .  But never fear: the wealthiest — the fabled 1% — will be treated to a 13% tax break.  Let’s not begrudge them their good fortune (shared conspicuously by the Trump family), but let’s not hold on to the illusion that Trump The Populist and his newly minted supporters in the Republican Congress are doing the middle classes some huge favor.  Bait and Switch, a hallowed principle, is a salesman’s staple.





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