Time to Dump Drumpf?

Having just seen Donald Trump’s now infamous comments about his inability to resist women and how as a celebrity he could get away with…anything , I have to say much of the banter seemed simply juvenile. In fact, it is the kind of language that you might hear in a high school locker room or any place where the guys could play verbal grab-ass without being heard.   So yes, it was lewd, but it could be cast as (unfortunately) a rather commonplace lewdness except that it was coming from a man who is now running for President, a man who is supposed to be a role model for the nation, Heaven forfend.   When he boasted about groping and kissing women he crossed the line.   To many, his saying that somehow makes this kind of behavior OK, just as it’s OK to spew racist and nativist slurs.   Civility? Decency?  That’s all just effete political correctness.

Trump’s  disrespect and aggressive behavior toward women continues to this day.    Ask Ms Machado and some of the other contestants in his pageants.  Interestingly, women are beginning to speak up about Trump’s inappropriate kissing and sexual advances, and I suspect there will be more of that to come.   Unfortunately, this behavior is something that millions of women have experienced all their lives.  Canadian writer Kelly Oxford asked women to send in their stories of sexual assault under the hashtag #NotOK.  She reports the response was immediate:  two stories a second!

Ah, but he apologized.   Watch the tape.  His tone never varies , his eyes stay fixed straight ahead  while he laboriously reads his scripted remarks.  Only Trump can make his serious expression (See?  I’m Presidential now) look like a threatening scowl.  He slips in a few defensive remarks before turning the “apology” into an attack ad directed against the Clintons and ends by promising more to come.  “See you Sunday,” he says, ominously.

Some Republicans are jumping ship, but by no means all.  Ryan disinvites him to an event in Wisconsin (and Pence, too, is not welcome), but he hasn’t withdrawn his endorsement.  You can almost hear these folks asking themselves, “What would the RNC do?”   An appropriate answer:  Dump Drumpf.


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